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Juman pearls is a family run business that has been creating pearl jewelry since the 1990s.

Juman Pearls is more than a business – it is a passion for exceptional beauty, passed on from one generation to the next.

The classic elegance of the pearl serves as the prime inspiration for Lina's work, which graciously balances innovative contemporary designs with traditional Eastern motifs.

"Juman" is the Arabic word for "the perfect pearl" – which is precisely how each jewelry piece begins. Each creation is made with pearls and gems hand-selected by Lina from around the world. The jewelry pieces are then produced by one of the oldest manufacturers of gold in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, under Lina's close supervision. As a result, every Juman Pearls creation is a meticulously designed work of art, made to be worn and cherished.

The story of Juman Pearls began with Wedad, who turned a hobby into a passion and a business. Her ability to create exceptionally beautiful jewelry was passed on to her daughter Lina, whose imagination expanded the business into a truly inspiring enterprise. By incorporating diamonds, precious and semi precious stones into her constantly evolving and innovative style, Lina made Juman Pearls a household name.

Named after none other than Lina's own daughter, Juman Pearls has for two decades continued to uphold the family's visionary belief in exceptional beauty.

Lina is professionally trained and certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI) as follows:

Colored Stones Essentials, GIA
Diamonds Essentials, GIA
Accredited Jewelry Professional,GIA
Diamonds and Diamond Grading, GIA
Professional Jewelry Designer, IGI